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White Sage and Dragon's Blood Cleansing Bundle

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White Sage-Salvia apiana

White Sage is used for immortality, protection, wisdom, longevity, and wishes.

Daemonorops Species

Solidified red resin of the Dragon Palm. Dragon's Blood may be burned on charcoal for cleansing, purification, and warding off evil. It may also be used to attract good luck, money, love, and marriage. Strengthen a weak love by mixing it with lavender and red rose steeped in water for three days - add strained water to bath shared with lover or add to rinse cycle of load of personal clothing from both people.


What is Saining?
Saining is the Scottish/British word for smoke cleansing. It comes from the Gaelic word Sèn which means to purify.

What is Recanning?
Recanning is an Anglo-Saxon derived term that also means to cleanse with smoke.

Why may one use the terms Saining or Recanning instead of Smudging?

Smudging is a First Nations/Native American practice used to purify and create a sacred space. It’s a specific word and practice related to those peoples.

We do not make any claims for this product, we sell it for entertainment and craft purposes only. Do not ingest.