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8 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

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$7.95 USD

The SE 773WC Wood Carving Chisel Set (8 PC.) is great for arts, crafts, hobbies, sculptures, woodworking, candle and wax carving, and more. Solid steel blades with proportionate wooden handles offer plenty of control and stability. There are various types and sizes, including a 13/32" straight chisel, 7/32" straight chisel, 7/32" skew chisel, 3/8" gouge, 5/16" skew chisel, 9/32" V-shape gouge, 5/16" round chisel, and 9/32" knife. Chisel length overall is 5 1/4". The handle length is 4".

1) Always use precaution when using hand tools.
2) Always wear protective eyewear in work areas at all times.
3) Keep away from children.
4) Select correct tool and size of hand tool for work.